The Hotel Santa Rita is not simply about an oil well, but the spirit of the people who believed in it, believed in the impossible. From the beginning of its story to the triumphant end it represents the fearless disposition, unceasing optimism and sheer force of will that persists in Midland today. It is these undeterred trail blazers that provided context and inspiration of what a hotel with the authentic Midland experience should be.

The design of the hotel balances these ideals with both a timeless beauty and adventurous boldness. Old world style and rustic modernism is carefully punctuated by broad windows, celebrating the open expanse of the sprawling Midland sky. Spacious rooms are adorned with a collection of unique mementos and designed with a classic elegance to feel as comfortable and charmingly offbeat as the city we call home.

The experience of the hotel is about hospitality with soul. Beyond impeccable service, our guests are here to enjoy the true friendliness, heart and genuine nature that are common place to the area. Our staff serves with a casual sophistication and effortless warmth making each guest feel welcomed and relaxed.

So many years ago alongside a dusty rail track, the men pecking away at the rock to find oil proved this city was not for the faint of heart. We try to live with the same tenor and daring courage of those dreamers, never accepting defeat and always pursuing the next horizon. We hope in staying here you leave inspired, emboldened and blissful in the revelry of this small tale of the American spirit.


The Hotel Santa Rita No. 1 is poised to transform the urban core of downtown Midland, Texas.

The developers along with a world-class team of architects, interior designers, branding aficionados as well as a proven hospitality management company will bring the project to life. Hotel Santa Rita No. 1 will have a unique West Texas regional focus, authentic to the surrounding landscape and neighborhoods, creating a vibrant destination for local patrons and urbane travelers alike.

Midland’s local, business and transient guests currently have no choices in upscale or luxury accommodations. The Hotel Santa Rita addresses this hospitality need in an underserved market by offering a highly serviced, uniquely stylized, architecturally relevant hotel complete with destination restaurants, lounges, beautiful event spaces and meeting rooms.


  • 145 Guest Rooms:
    - 114 standard and deluxe king and Queen rooms, sizes 335 – 470 sq. ft.
    - 31 suites, sizes 500 – 1,400 sq. ft.
  • Destination Restaurant, Lounge and Members Club:
    - 140 seat destination restaurant with seasonal outdoor seating – park level
    - 60 seat lounge with seasonal outdoor seating – park level
    - Members club lounge – overlooking centennial park
  • Pool lounge
  • Parking Structure: 263 space three level above ground for hotel, office reserved and retail spaces.
  • Banquet and Catering Event Facilities:
    - Level 2 space 8,000 +/- sq. ft. including ballroom, meeting room and boardroom capacities: 350 +/- seated, 400 theater style
    - Level 4 recreation and event terrace
  • Fitness Services:  Fitness and movement center
  • Retail: Artisan Market and street access retail
  • Office: interior 26,000 +/- sq. ft. Class A office space adjacent to hotel facilities


The Santa Rita No. 1 was the first proof oil existed in the Permian Basin and named after the patroness saint of impossible causes. She certainly lived up to her name out in the desert landscape of what was then a desolate, dusty area known as the oil man’s graveyard.

For years, men of great wealth, knowledge and hope had come only to be disillusioned by the unforgiving terrain of West Texas. It would be the inexperienced but astonishingly resourceful pair of Frank T. Pickrell and Haymond Krupp that turned foolish hopes into an enterprise that would change the course of history, but not without first enlisting the help of an unlikely partner.

Before the construction of the well began, a group of Catholic women were approached to invest. They were of course quite dubious of the endeavor and hoped to improve the probability of success where so many had tried and failed. As a condition of their investment, they handed Pickrell an envelope with a blessed single rose and requested the dried crimson petals be scattered from the crown block saying simply,

I hereby christen thee

Santa Rita.

Invoking the saint of the impossible by no measure made the journey to success easy. For 646 long and certainly fearful days, the team chipped away at sand, salt and rock. Until on the morning of May 28, 1923 as a spray of glittering oil painted the land black, she made good on her promise. The Santa Rita No. 1 stills shows the power of optimism, the tenacity of the human spirit and the belief the impossible is within reach.


Midway market & tradeyard

Long before the city of Midland stood tall, two railroad tracks met in the desert. The men building the rail looked at each other and declared the spot “Midway” as the lines marked the halfway point between El Paso and Ft. Worth. Around this intersection a town was born and a myriad of goods, travelers and cultures converged to become what we now know as the city of Midland.

Midway Market & Tradeyard celebrates that connection of people and provisions; combining a unique culinary and artisanal experience of the surrounding region.Enjoy distinctive eateries and specialty purveyors of meats, cheeses and wines. Share with your neighbor at our farm style tables or bring something special from Midway Market to your own home.

The market will feature a chef inspired selection of restaurants as well as a selection of artisinal market goods from the regional purveyors.